Welcome to Heaven's Joy

Smile! Be Happy!

Welcome to Heaven's Joy!

Heaven's Joy is a place that God has prepared for His people to come and experience the Joy of the Lord. With so much negativity in the world today, God wants His people to know that He still gives joy  - Such an abundant joy that no one or nothing can take away!

Joy is a free gift from God and He wants to give it to all His children. God wants you to bring heaven's color to earth by being joyful in all circumstances. To be joyful... It all begins with a smile - priceless, effortless - just a smile. You might begin all by yourself as you smile but before you know, it is spreading on those who are all around you. Before you know it, heaven's joy comes, radiates and completely change the atmosphere from gloom to joy, from darkness to light, from depression to gladness and liveliness, from qualm to peace.

Joy is one of the greatest weapons you have against depression, fear and unhappiness. Therefore, Be Happy! Smile! Receive healing! Receive freedom! Give joy, give freedom. Smile! Change a life today! Brighten the day,  and the night. Let earth and heaven become one. Smile! Be Happy! Spread the Joy!