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By: Christine Uwizera Coleman·Thursday, December 15, 2016

“Those who trust in the Lord are as Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides forever.” Psalm 125:1

Revelation 2:8-11. It is a message to Smyrna, one of the 7 churches. This is one of the 2 churches that the Lord did not say anything against. Though Smyrna was a blameless church in God’s sight, they had suffered tribulation, poverty, persecution. Speaking to this church, the Lord said, “Do not fear what you are about to suffer.” In other word, the Lord predicted there will be more suffering. Though innocent, some of the members were going to be put in prison to be tested! Suffering to be tested!

To this church, the Lord did not say “there won’t be trials” but “Do not fear what you are about to suffer.” See trials for what they really are – God’s tools that He sometimes allow to come into our lives to refine us, to mature us into His likeness. The Lord said also that this tribulation was only for 10 days. This is symbolic and it shows that trials are only momentary, temporary. Through the year, seasons change – winter, spring, summer and fall – all come! If you do not like it cold, do not quit yet, do not move out, spring and summer will surely come.

While being tested, God requires that you be faithful to the very end. That you obey Him and do His will unconditionally. Obedience is not when you feel like it or when it is convenient but even when it is not comfortable, obedience is to submit to His authority and request. Obedience till the end – it is not obedience when it is done 75% but all the way through – till the end!

Godly Response to Trials


+Trust in God who changes not. Everything else can change but God changes not. Trust not in people or earthly materials that can change in a blink of an eye. It is to trust in God who changes not. When you make up your mind to trust the Lord, you will not move from sorrow to happiness, up and down in your faith journey but you will be steadfast because you are trusting in the one who changes not. If you trust in God, you will not be shaken, you will not be moved – you will be like Mount Zion.

+Worship God: This is a great weapon that works always against all evil. I do not have to explain more, the power of worship is too sacred to mention – you just have to do it.

+Pray: James 5:13

+Consider it all joy: (James 1:2): Let trials run their course. Do not seek to jump out of the fire, let trials have their perfect result. Rejoice and be glad!

+Persevere: Do not quit, keep up your devotion to the Lord, doing what is good, serving the Lord with all your heart. Keep up going, you are being given a test, after you overcome you will be approved and vindicated – all in God’s due time.

+Be obedient and faithful to the end

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