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Hopefully you all are taking me seriously with my 3 cow display and promotion of veggies :)

God bless you!

Wanted to give praise to God for all that He does and will do! For He truly is good, His love truly endures forever! We should never stop praising Him, we should never stop thanking Him. The Sorce and Reason of why we worship will bring your deliverance and healing. Knowing this: not intending to be free for our sake, but only for the sake of His Name and Glory must we strive to be liberated. The forces of darkness thrives on selfishness; and understanding that fact: Sin seems to be nothing more than pride itself! If anyone desires deliverance, one must examine their heart to see whom they magnify the most; whether it be themselves or God, that itself will determine the outcome of their freedom. It became obvious to me who or what was being lifted up higher than The God of Heaven. That is why, an encouragment is going out to you to worship Him with all you have. Have no other interset or desire - to only accomplish His perfect will! Find that purpose!

Being joined with a minstry that dances on the streets of Denver, where many can see, we learn a deeper humility and excitement to not be ashamed of what we believe.


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